Why images matter


Our brains process pictures more quickly than words. We see faster than we can think. We get colour, shape and pattern long before we get language. The power of images to communicate, to change minds and to create, is immeasurable. And because we are human, our own eyes are not enough. We want to observe in more detail, with greater clarity. Memory is not enough. We need to record, rewind and repeat experience, sending images into the future and sharing them with the whole world.

This is where Vitec’s strength lies: our products are behind every picture; empowering professionals and individuals to capture the moments that matter in excellent images.

The way images are made, sold, shared and used has been revolutionised by social and technological developments. When every mobile phone is also a digital camera and pictures can be shared instantly across the globe, it is clear just how much images mean to people.

Digital imaging and the democratisation of photography and videography has turned the spotlight firmly onto quality. In such a visual blizzard, only the exceptional stands out against the blur of the ordinary.

Yet even the best camera is only as good as the person using it, the eye that looks through the viewfinder, the mind that sees the image before creating it. So Vitec supports the image-maker, freeing up eye and mind by providing exceptional equipment that can be trusted when it matters. We design and manufacture everything that goes around the camera into the shoot, behind the scenes. Because the image - your image - is what matters.

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A company with true global reach and opportunity in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.

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