Careers at Vitec

Embark on a career with The Vitec Group and you can expect the highest quality training and professional development, working with our innovative brands and products as part of a global team.

To discover the latest career opportunities within Vitec, please visit our Divisional sites:

> Careers at Broadcast

The Broadcast Division designs, manufactures and distributes premium branded products for broadcasting, film and video production for broadcasters and independent content creators. It also provides premium services including equipment rental and technical solutions to TV production teams and film crews.

> Careers at Photographic

The Photographic Division designs, manufactures and distributes premium branded equipment and provides dedicated solutions to professional and non-professional image takers.


Why join Vitec?

1. Global organisation

A company with true global reach and opportunity in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.

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2. History & heritage

100 years at the forefront of the broadcast and photographic industries. A heritage of product excellence and industry firsts.

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3. Values & culture

A company culture founded on values that together form a unique Vitec Group mindset.

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4. Clear vision & direction

An organisation with a clear vision and sense of purpose. A business with unwavering direction and priorities.

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5. Management structure

A group of inspirational and talented individuals making up the Operations Executive. A board of Directors with depth of experience in governance of public organisation.

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6. Exciting markets

Vitec Group supplies 3 growing markets: Broadcast, Photographic and MAG. The people of Vitec are expert in their field, driven by customer need and market drivers.

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7. Product excellence

Product excellence runs through the veins of everyone at Vitec. Functionality and form combined with a reputation for excellent products.

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8. Financial stability

A track record of sound financial decision making and performance.

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Vitec in 2 words

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