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The details below are provided via an automated feed and so any discrepancy between the number of shares held and the percentage shareholding shown is due to the date on which the percentage shareholding was calculated and the number of shares in issue on that date.
Shareholder Number of voting rights % of voting rights
Manfrotto 4,788,102 10.80
Aberforth Partners LLP 4,672,307 10.54
FIL Limited 4,558,551 10.28
Delta Lloyd NV 4,051,680 9.14
J O Hambro Capital Management Limited 3,813,805 8.60
Prudential PLC 3,140,578 7.08
Heronbridge Investment Management LLP 2,306,645 5.20
Schroder Investment Management Limited 2,303,862 5.19
Nmás1 Group 2,290,376 5.19
Royal London Asset Management Limited 2,219,186 5.00